The LM90 underground drill rig is equipped with a 130kN feed frame for drilling deep holes. With the assistance of a positioner and a turntable, the drill is capable of drilling holes in all angles from vertically up to vertically down. The drill uses an electric motor to power the hydraulics on the machine.

Features of the LM90 rig are:

  • Direct Coupled Feed Frame with 130kN pullback and 1.8 metre feed stroke
  • Reversible Feed Cylinder for increased up-hole drilling capacity
  • Standard Power Pack with 90kW electric motor
  • Standard self-contained control panel with stand and e-stop
  • Standard Feed Frame Positioner and Turntable
  • HQ high torque rotation unit for deep-hole drilling
  • PQ rod clamp for max holding capacity
  • Automated rod handler
  • DCI Control Unit