Experience & Technology

Drilling requires a high degree of skill and technical competence to ensure both an efficient drill program and accurate results. Recon Drilling recognizes that the efficiency of any given project is determined by how effectively the drill rigs can be operated and to this end Recon Drilling’s in-house training and monitoring programs enable these goals is being achieved.

The Recon Drilling team has many decades of experience in providing a broad selection of diverse drilling services, namely Core Drilling (DD) and Reverse Circulation (RC) in both surface and underground operations.

Recon Drilling specializes in providing a full end-to-end Deep Directional Drilling (DDD) service and takes full responsibility for hole planning and providing DHM motor and wedging equipment and specialised software for controlling deviation, altering the course of a hole, or drilling multiple target intersections by drilling branch holes off the mother hole resulting in significant savings compared to conventional DD.

This Deep Directional Drilling (DDD) method is successfully used in exploration and for mine construction applications e.g. Paste Fill and Ore Pass construction programs.