Deep Directional Navi Drilling

Geodrill specializes in Deep Directional Navi Drilling (DDD) using DHM (Down Hole Motor) and wedging methods.

Deep Directional Navi Drilling(DDD) is used to:

  • Control deviation so target is achieved
  • Intersect targets below inaccessible locations
  • Alter course of a drill hole to intersect the target
  • Allow multiple target intersections by drilling branch holes off the mother hole

Geodrill provides Deep Directional Navi Drilling (DDD) for senior and intermediate mining operating companies in Africa and South America. DDD programs involve carefully planning and drilling multiple branches holes which often take months to complete but result in significant savings compared to conventional Core Drilling (DD). Once a deep directional drill program is carefully planned, the need for wedges is significantly reduced. The Company uses specialized software to plan and navigate DDD holes.

The Company also provides Paste Fill and Ore Pass construction programs using DDD methods.