People perform drilling operations. The guiding principle behind everything we do at Recon Drilling therefore is – and must remain – SAFETY.

Our safety with the production system has been developed to exceed all applicable government and client standards. By partnering with industry leaders in behavioral safety, incident investigation, workers compensation, and OSHA standards, we have built a comprehensive integrated Health Safety and Environmental Management System.

This program utilizes the latest technology to ensure all branches have access to the most up-to-date standards and any information we gain is shared with the entire Company. Our crews are well-trained, dedicated employees who know Safety Cultures occur when every employee understands their rights and responsibility to work safely, be healthy, and to protect our environment every day.

In pursuit of this, the Company has introduced:

  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management Programs
  • Leadership Training for Supervisors
  • Take 5 Risk Assessment
  • Metzke MakorBreakTM Hydraulic Tools

Our Core values on Safety and productivity are a testament to our commitment that all projects should be completed with Zero Harm to our Employees, Contractors, the Environment and our Equipment.